Announcing Smithfield; Your Dual Core Intel CPU

AnandTech has the latest roadmap from Intel regarding its dual-core processors. Besides the roadmap AnandTech has put together a pretty goodAMD has already announced that they will be offering dual-core processors sometime in 2005. The only company that plans on shipping dual-core processors is IBM, but IBM hasn't reviled enough to know where they stand.

How much do you all remember about Tejas (and Jayhawk, Tulsa)? What was to be the fourth generation NetBurst CPU line was originally canceled in favor of dual core 90nm processors. Although we can't comment on the fate of Tejas, we can comment on its replacement.

With Intel's latest roadmap, the thought on everyone's mind is "DUAL CORE PENTIUMS WOW!" - and believe me, it takes a lot to get the boss excited. Indeed, it looks like that magic "Tejas" core that disappeared off the face of the earth has resurfaced as a dual core "Smithfield." From what we can tell from the roadmap, Smithfield will show up in Mid 2005 with three desktop SKUs. Remember, AMD's dual core Toledo Opteron will debut as server chips. Both AMD and Intel's chips are scheduled to be 90nm processor cores.

News source: AnandTech

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