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Apple launches Self Service Repair program in eight European countries

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Apple has launched its Self Service Repair in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. The program allows customers to perform repairs for the iPhone 12 series, iPhone 14 series, and some Macs. The services were first launched in the US last year.

The iPhone maker has announced that users will be able to access a wide range of individual parts through a new online store. Customers will have the option to either buy or rent the tools they need.

Apple assures that the parts available on the store are the same ones that are available to their network of authorized repair providers, and are offered at the same prices. In addition, customers can also send replaced parts back to Apple for refurbishment and recycling, and may even receive credit towards their parts purchase in some cases.

Apple's Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams said:

“We believe the best technology for our customers and for the planet is technology that lasts, which is why we design our products to be durable and rarely require maintenance or repair

But when a repair is needed, we want customers to have many options for safe, reliable, and secure repair. That’s why we’re excited to launch Self Service Repair in Europe, giving our customers direct access to genuine Apple parts, tools, and manuals."

The Self Service Repair Store features a range of custom-designed tools to help customers with their own repairs. Apple says that these tools are engineered to withstand heavy use in professional repair operations and prioritize safety and reliability. The high-quality tools available include torque drivers, repair trays, display and battery presses, and more.

Apple's Self Service Repair program is intended for experienced technicians who have the knowledge and skills to repair electronic devices. The company still recommends that most customers visit a certified professional repair provider, as this is likely to result in fewer problems. However, anyone who wishes to attempt self-repair can access the tools and parts available through the program.

Apple says that it has significantly expanded its network of service locations over the past three years, providing more than 4,000 independent repair providers with access to genuine Apple parts, tools, and training. This global network of more than 5,000 Apple Authorized Service Providers supports over 100,000 active technicians, making it easy for Apple customers in Europe to find an authorized service provider within 30 minutes of their location.

Source: Apple

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