Apple's mixed reality headset will reportedly have some insane brightness levels

Apple ARVR headset

As we get closer to the start of Apple's annual developer conference, WWDC 2023, on June 5, more information is apparently leaking on what will likely be its main attraction: the long-awaited mixed reality headset. This week, a well-known display expert claims to have info on the headset's twin displays, and if true they sound really insane.

The report comes via Twitter from Ross Young. who is the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC). He claims, via unnamed sources, that Apple's mixed reality headset will have twin 1.41 Micro OLED displays.

That certainly sounds reasonable. What's insane is what he says the displays will have in terms of resolution. pixel density, and brightness. He says that the displays will each have a 4K resolution, with 4,000 PPI and around 5,000 nits in brightness.

That blows away the pixel density and brightness of other current VR headsets. For example, Sony's PS5 console headset, the PS VR 2, has twin OLED displays with 2,000 × 2,040 resolution that each have 850 PPI. One thing we haven't heard about the displays on the Apple headset are their refresh rates. Hopefully, they will also be higher than the normal 60Hz or 90hz.

Again, if these display specs are accurate, that would certainly help explain why Apple could sell these headsets for around $3,000, as previous rumors have suggested, Other rumors claim that the headset will be able to run millions of current iOS apps with just some small updates from their developers.

In any case, the Apple WWDC 2023 event couldn't come soon enough, and we hope to be blown away by the demo of its mixed reality headset, even if we can't afford to buy it.

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