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…But I don't want a PlayStation 3; I want a Wii

With the European release date of the Nintendo Wii drawing ever closer, people have asked me why I am so adamantly not going to be rushing out to spend my hard earned money on one.

I could say it's that I'm not a Nintendo fan but that would be lying. I could say that I don't like the look of the games being released with the console but again that would be a lie. The fact is, I am scraping every penny of my self-imposed gaming budget to prepare for the heavily delayed launch of the Sony Playstation 3.

Already I can hear at least half of you sighing or spitting already but I have a very good reason for my madness. Yes, the Wii has many cool features, including the very interesting new controllers that I am sure you are all aware of. Also, the Wii is going to be several hundred pounds cheaper than the Sony machine, which would allow me to get a whole stack of games and add-ons for the same cost as just the PS3 console.

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