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CES 2027 keynote video made for RoboCop remake; is Michael Bay watching?

This week's most viewed video clip from CES 2014 isn't of a cool new gadget or software product but rather of movie director Michael Bay walking quickly off the stage at Samsung's press event after he was unable to handle the shutdown of a teleprompter. Now there's a new video from CES that's getting some Internet attention. The twist? the video is from ... the future.

Yes, the clip that was posted on YouTube earlier today shows a keynote speech being made during the Consumer Electronics Show held during the year 2027. In the video, the unnamed executive for "Omnicorp" is super slick in his presentation as holographic videos surround him. He talks about how proud he is to be a part of this corporation that helps to secure the world via robots like ED-209.

The end of the clip has him talking about putting a human inside a robot body to give their product "morality" for the first time. In case it's not clear by now, this video is serving as an effective promotion for the upcoming Sony Pictures remake of the classic sci-fi action film "RoboCop" that's due for release in February. It may be a viral Internet ad, but perhaps Michael Bay should take some notes from the fictional Omnicorp executive; he might learn something about public speaking.

Source: Sony Pictures on YouTube

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