Chrome's market share continues to rise as Edge edges forward at a snail's pace

Last month, statistics from NetMarketShare reported that Internet Explorer's market share has continued its free fall, Edge is rising slowly at the rate of a few percentage points each month, and that Chrome's market share is growing steadily. This trend appears to have continued to this month as well.

According to the statistics provided by NetMarketShare for the month of February 2017, Google Chrome's market share has elevated to 58.53%, which is a marked increase from the 57.94% reported last month.

On the other hand, Internet Explorer's market share has continued its steady decline and now accounts for 19.17%, compared to 19.71% last month. It's worth noting that at the same time last year, the browser sported a market share of 40.85%.

But perhaps what's more worrying for Microsoft is the fact that its Edge browser has still not managed to capture an audience despite the fact that it comes bundled with Windows 10. The operating system which boasts a market share of more than 25% according to the same analyst firm has a browser with a market share of only 5.55% - which is a negligible change compared to the 5.48% reported last month.

Meanwhile, Firefox' market share has remained relatively constant. While it has statistically gone down from 11.77% last month to 11.68% today, the change is well within the margin of error. It is also very interesting to see that despite ups and downs throughout the past year, the browser commanded exactly the same market share in February 2016.

Safari's market share has remained more or less stagnant at 3.45%, which has been the case for the browser for the past couple of months. Similarly, the "Others" section which consists of Opera also remained steady at 1.62%.

You can check out the full report by hitting the source link below.

Source: NetMarketShare

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