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Statcounter: Safari is about to overtake Edge and become second-most popular desktop browser

Logos of the top five most popular browsers

The February 2023 report from Statcounter is now available with the latest details about the browser market. The most interesting change in the findings is Microsoft Edge risking losing its "second-most popular desktop browser" title to Apple's Safari.

According to Statcounter, in February 2023, Google Chrome reached a 66.12% market share. Its overwhelmingly crushing numbers dropped just 0.29 points compared with January 2023. Microsoft Edge is second with 10.84% (-0.24), and Apple Safari is third at 10.14% (+0.83). Microsoft Edge used to keep a safe distance from its macOS rival, but now Safari is catching up.

Firefox is not overtaking any browser soon as it has a more distant 6.84% share (-0.03). Finally, Opera closes the top 5 desktop browsers list with 3.21% (-0.2).

  1. Google Chrome - 66.12% (-0.29)
  2. Microsoft Edge - 10.84% (-0.24)
  3. Apple Safari - 10.14% (+0.83)
  4. Mozilla Firefox - 6.84% (-0.03)
  5. Opera - 3.21% (-0.2)
A chart showing year-over-year changes in the browser market

There are no significant changes on the mobile side of the desktop market. Google Chrome and Apple Safari share almost 90% of the market, leaving the rest for Samsung Internet, Opera, UC Browser, and other less popular options. Microsoft Edge, unfortunately, remains too small to register on Statcounter's gauges, and integrating AI-powered Bing in Edge on Android and iOS is unlikely to help change the situation.

  1. Google Chrome - 66.08% (-0.7)
  2. Apple Safari - 23.97% (-0.45)
  3. Samsung Internet - 4.37% (-0.09)
  4. Opera - 1.71% (-0.06)
  5. UC Browser - 1.46% (-0.01)
A chart showing year-over-year changes in the browser market

Finally, here is how the market looks like with desktop and mobile browsers combined:

  1. Google Chrome - 65.74% (+0.31)
  2. Apple Safari - 18.86% (+0.17)
  3. Microsoft Edge - 4.27% (-0.19)
  4. Mozilla Firefox - 2.92% (-0.09)
  5. Samsung Internet - 2.6% (-0.01)
A chart showing year-over-year changes in the browser market

You can learn more about the Statcounter February 2023 browser report on the official website. Also, check out Statcounter's latest operating system report, where you will find interesting changes in Windows 10 and 11's shares.

Note: Third-party reports are never 100% accurate. Learn how Statcounter gathers its data in the official FAQ.

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