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Company of Heroes 3 is coming to Xbox and PlayStation with controller support

Relic Entertainment is currently putting the finishing touches to the PC version of Company of Heroes 3, the latest entry in the long-running real-time strategy series. However, more platforms are on the horizon for the franchise, with Sega and Relic today announcing Company of Heroes 3: Console Edition. Gameplay footage can be seen here (age restricted).

Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 players will be able to join the war with official controller support and a custom console UI, though mouse and keyboard will be available as a control option as well. While the Console Edition will feature most launch content seen on PC like two single-player campaigns, multiplayer, co-op vs AI, and custom games, it will not have an in-game store, challenges, nor modding support.

As for anyone wanting to play against controller-using console players while on PC, Relic has confirmed there won't be any cross-play support between the two editions.

The title was recently hit by a three-month delay on the PC side, pushing the launch date out from 2022 to February 23, 2023. With today's announcement, the studio was quick to explain that the Console Edition is not impacting PC development, adding that "a lot of the work for the Console Edition has been undertaken by a trusted development partner in close collaboration with our team, allowing Relic to focus on PC development while overseeing both editions of the game."

Company of Heroes 3 screenshot

Company of Heroes 3: Console Edition will release sometime after the PC version in 2023, with a firm release date yet to be attached to the project. Interestingly, this is not the only console real-time strategy project Relic is overseeing either, with Age of Empires IV also gaining a console version in 2023.

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