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Company of Heroes 3 brings its RTS action to PlayStation and Xbox consoles in May

Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition

Relic Entertainment's delivered the third installment of its iconic real-time strategy franchise Company of Heroes, to PC in February. Now it's almost time for the console edition that was announced last year. Confirmed today by publisher Sega, Company of Heroes 3 is hitting Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 on May 30, the first time the franchise is reaching into the console space.

While support for keyboard and mouse is helpfully included for this console release, Relic has developed an entirely new UI built for controller users to make building structures and units, controlling them, and taking down enemies an easy and streamlined process. Moreover, a new "Full Tactical Pause" feature is incoming that lets players freeze the game and issue orders for their units to complete once play resumes.

However, unlike in the recent jump Age of Empires 2 did over to Xbox consoles, Company of Heroes 3 doesn't seem to support cross-play with PC players in this edition.

Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition

Company of Heroes 3 on consoles will ship with the two full single-player campaigns focused on the Italian and North African storylines, competitive multiplayer, and skirmish matches against AI both in solo play or in co-op with friends

Pre-orders for Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition are kicking off on April 25 ahead of the May 30 launch. A physical release is also happening but the pre-order date for that version is not confirmed yet.

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