EA Origin discontinues sales of physical media online starting April 4th

Origin has announced that it will discontinue the sale of all its physical media titles for PC and Mac via its online store starting April 4th.

In a short and simple post on its website, Origin states:

Starting April 4th Origin will be going all digital. This means the entire Origin game store will be entirely digital downloads for PC and Mac. What does this mean for you? If you're among 99% of our users, absolutely nothing. Your shopping experience hasn't changed one single bit. But if you're that 1% who still desires a physical collection, we want to let you know that Origin won't be able to fulfill that need beginning April 4th. We’ll still be here when you transition your gaming habits to the wonders of digital downloads. Digital is fast and convenient. Origin’s focus is to give gamers the best experience, and going all-digital will make that possible.

Steam, a competing service by Valve, has also focused on an all-digital library which would make the move by Origin seem more natural. ​Currently there are about 25 physical titles on the EA Origin online store for both PC and Mac. A majority of which are Sims titles with only a handful of titles being unique intellectual properties like Titanfall and Battlefield. This is compared to the 300+ digital titles that are available for download. After April 4th, you will no longer be able to purchase physical media from the EA Origin online store. But, these titles will still be available in their physical boxed editions at local stores and other online retailers. 

Source: Polygon via Origin | Image via Origin

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