Facebook updates Instagram with forced horizontal scrolling; rolls back

Today, Facebook released an update for its main Instagram app, fundamentally changing the way that users scroll through photos. Rather than scrolling vertically, it's now horizontal. With the update, you can also tap through images, similar to how Stories work.

As you can see from the tweet above, a lot of people aren't happy with the change, although that's not unexpected when making such a shift to something that people use so frequently. According to The Verge, there's no way of switching back to the original vertical scrolling.

Others have found that closing the app and reopening it switches it back. Indeed, it seems that Facebook is only testing this on a limited amount of users, and since the firm hasn't made any announcements regarding such a profound shift in the UX, this likely wasn't meant to be as big of a deal as it is.

Some users are speculating that Instagram has removed the update amid the backlash. That's entirely possible, although it would be a really quick response time. We've reached out to Facebook for comment.

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