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Facebook's new Rooms app is a modern take on the message board

When the Internet was still in its infancy in terms of social interaction, there were forums, chat rooms, and message boards. These were the primary means of finding anonymous people with related interests and creating connections. Facebook is aiming to reinvigorate this type of interaction by introducing a new iOS app called Rooms.

Created by the Facebook Creative Labs, Rooms is a new application that will allow users with similar interests and hobbies to connect with each other. Rooms can be created by any user and, similar to social media apps, a room will have a feed of uploaded photos, text and videos. 

How does this differ from Facebook or Instagram?

The main difference with Rooms is that each space will have a creator that can customize various options. They will be able to add a cover photo, change the color scheme, and customize text and Emojis. Much like a forum, the creator of the space will also be able to add a pinned message, moderate member permissions, and set restrictions on content sharing. 

While this is nothing new, it's definitely a modern approach. Although it is too early to tell whether this will be a hit, it certainly does seem like a fun and interesting way of networking with people with similar interests. Facebook Creative Labs' Rooms is now available on iOS

Source: FacebookImage via Facebook

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