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Google is turbocharging Fast Pair by boosting support for TVs and smart home devices

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Google has released a blog post outlining plans to extend Fast Pair support to include other devices including TVs and smart home devices. In addition, it has been announced that Fast Pair will be supercharged with support for upcoming Windows PCs.

In the next few weeks, Fast Pair-enabled headphones will automatically pair with your Chromebook with a single click and if you plan on buying a Chromebook later this year, you’ll be able to use your Android phone to set up your new laptop, giving it access to your information such as your Google login and Wi-Fi password.

Google is enable device interoperability with Fast Pair technology

Headphones will not only work more seamlessly with Chromebooks but your Google TV or Android TV OS devices too. In the coming months, users will be able to pair headphones with their smart TV; this will enable users to listen to their content without disturbing their roommates or neighbors late at night.

Google has also been working on new ways to unlock your devices and vehicles with Android. It’s already possible to unlock a Chromebook with an Android phone but soon you’ll be able to use a paired Wear OS smartwatch to unlock your Chromebook, Android phone, or tablet when you're in close proximity.

Google is enable device interoperability with Fast Pair technology

If you have a new swanky car with Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology, Google says you can use compatible Samsung and Pixel phones to unlock your vehicle. In the coming year, this functionality will also be expanded to other phones. If you’re the trusting type, you will be able to securely and remotely share your digital car key with friends and family if they need to lend your car.

Google is enable device interoperability with Fast Pair technology

Finally, Google is planning to boost interoperability between Android and Windows devices through Fast Pair. Google is working with Acer, HP, and Intel to enable you to sync your compatible devices together which will enable the quick setup of Bluetooth accessories, enable the syncing of text messages, and allow you to share files with Nearby Share. These features are expected to arrive on select PCs this year.

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