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Google TV is slow, admits co., and is working on fixing multiple performance issues

Google seems to have admitted that its software for the Smart TV platform is slow, and it needs multiple improvements. The Google TV platform will receive quite a few updates which should reduce boot time, and enhance responsiveness, assured Google.

According to a post on its support forums, Google claimed users of Google TV on both third-party TVs as well as its Chromecast streaming puck, should see an improvement in overall performance. Users should see a quicker Live tab, and scrolling through the home screen, or using a kid profile, should be quicker as well.

Google has been fielding multiple complaints about limited storage on certified Google TV devices such as the Chromecast. The miniature device seems to have just 5 GB of free space, and that too without installing anything after the initial setup. Moving forward, Chromecast users will be able to free up a little more space using the newly added “Storage” menu. Users can access the menu through Settings > System > Storage.

The Google TV platform should consume a little less RAM as well, which should, in theory, leave more memory for apps. Users have previously complained about poor performance, especially while switching between different screens. Optimized RAM usage could help address this issue.

Besides reducing the RAM needed by the core Google TV platform, Chromecast devices running the latest version of the OS will have an “automated process that runs in the background” to free up space for apps. Simply put, Google may have tweaked the background RAM reclamation process to be more aggressive.

Although the software tweaks are a welcome addition, it is high time Google and other makers of devices running Google TV OS, simply add more RAM and onboard storage. Software tweaks might help bring down the number of low storage error messages. However, adding more RAM and storage space could help alleviate several performance issues.

Via: The Verge

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