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Halo Infinite opening cutscenes leak, contain campaign spoilers

Halo Infinite campaign screenshot pre-release

This article contains heavy spoilers about Halo Infinite. Please don't read any further if you don't want to know about the opening moments of the game before release.

Today, the opening scene of Halo Infinite leaked online. The video focuses on the Master Chief as he fails to defeat Atriox, the antagonist initially introduced in Halo Wars 2. The video doesn't provide a lot of context, but Atriox makes quick work of the Master Chief by tossing him into space. This is probably part of a larger cutscene that we'll watch when the Halo Infinite campaign goes live on December 8, 2021.

The leaked footage reminded me a lot of Destiny 2: The Red War, where the Cabal lay siege to The Last City and throw your Guardian off a cliff. However, there's more. Many YouTube channels are uploading snippets from the game and they provide even more tantalizing details about the story. For example, Atriox is apparently dead after defeating Master Chief, but we don't know how because it doesn't seem like Master Chief killed him.

Apart from that, Master Chief's new companion, The Weapon, can't remember what happened to Cortana, so it's up to you to recover her memories. There's also mention of a new Forerunner threat as well as The Prophets from the original Halo trilogy.

Halo Infinite takes place months after United Nations Space Command forces have been defeated on a Halo ring. The Banished are back and more powerful than ever. It's up to you, as the Master Chief, to uncover their plans for the Halo ring and rescue any remaining forces on the installation. We know that they want to make it operational again, but it's unclear to what end because the Halo rings were designed to eradicate all life in the galaxy.

Halo Infinite is an upcoming first-person shooter from 343 Industries. The free-to-play multiplayer beta launched on November 15 and the campaign is scheduled to hit PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S in December. The campaign features an open-world environment this time around, with optional objectives and collectibles.

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