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Halo Infinite Season 4 launches June 20 with Infection mode, new maps and more

Halo infinite Season 4

Microsoft didn't mention its Halo Infinite game during its Xbox Games Showcase events earlier this week, but that doesn't mean fans of the sci-fi shooter for Xbox and PC platforms are not getting new content. Next week, Season 4 launches with the return of a popular gameplay mode, Infection.

Fans of the Halo game franchise are well aware of this mode. It started as a fan-created mode, Zombies, way back in Halo 2, before it became the official Infection mode with Halo 3. The Halo Waypoint site describes how the Infection mode will work in Halo Infinite:

  • Infection is a round-based mode where one team (Infected) converts enemy players (Survivors) to their team upon killing them.
  • Each round, a limited number of players are selected to be Infected—these are Alpha Infected, and the Survivors they kill are converted to Beta Infected.
  • Survivors start out with limited supplies and will need to acquire additional weapons, equipment, and ammunition from the map.
  • The goal is for the Infected to eliminate all Survivors. The last Survivor (the Last Spartan Standing) will have special traits applied to them (such as Overshield and unlimited ammo), but a nav-point will reveal their location to all Infected.

In addition to adding Infection Mode, Halo Infinite Season 4 will add two new maps: The BTB level Scarr and the Arena map Forest. Players will also access a new progression system called Career Rank in Season 4, and some new in-game equipment will be added as well.

You can also expect some new weapons skins to become available in Season 4, along with some new additions for map makers in the Forge editor. Halo Infinite is currently available for the PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. It's also available on the Xbox Game Pass service.

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