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If you want to purchase the OnePlus 5 early, you'll need this code

Earlier today, OnePlus finally revealed the details of its much anticipated OnePlus 5. While there wasn't much surprise, the firm did manage to keep the price relatively low, despite some websites being skeptical. For those that live in the United States and Europe, the chance to pre-order the handset has now finally arrived, but first, you'll need a special code.

While it's not a full-on block like the OnePlus of old with its reservation system, the firm is currently only offering up its new handset to those that have the proper code available to access the sale. While it is a bit of a hurdle, luckily, the code was in plain sight towards the end of today's presentation. When prompted, you'll want to enter code "Clearer Photos" in the blank space that can be found on the website.

According to OnePlus, this Early Drop Bonus will only be available to those that use the code and purchase before general sales start on June 27. What this means is that those that order today will start seeing shipments starting on June 21, and can also get a small discount on a limited set of accessories, which can be seen below.

If interested, you can head to the source link below, enter the code and order a OnePlus 5 of your very own. The handset will start at $479 for the 6GB RAM and 64GB storage variant and will be a tad higher at $539 for the 8GB RAM with a 128GB of storage.

Source: OnePlus

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