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Intel co-founder and Moore's Law creator, Gordon Moore, has died at age 94

A portrait of Intel co-founder Gordon Moore

Intel has announced that one of its co-founders, Gordon Moore, has passed away at the age of 94. He is reported to have died peacefully on Friday surrounded by family at home in Hawaii. Moore co-founded Intel in July 1968 with Robert Noyce and served in numerous positions until he stepped down as chairman emeritus in 2006.

Even if you’re not familiar with Moore’s involvement at Intel as much, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Moore’s Law which is an observation that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit doubles roughly every two years. Moore initially said in 1965 that transistors would double every year but revised this in 1975 to every two years. Since then, Moore’s Law has stayed largely correct, though, some have claimed that it’s not as relevant today.

Commenting on Moore’s death, current Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger said:

“Gordon Moore defined the technology industry through his insight and vision. He was instrumental in revealing the power of transistors, and inspired technologists and entrepreneurs across the decades. We at Intel remain inspired by Moore’s Law and intend to pursue it until the periodic table is exhausted. Gordon’s vision lives on as our true north as we use the power of technology to improve the lives of every person on Earth. My career and much of my life took shape within the possibilities fueled by Gordon’s leadership at the helm of Intel, and I am humbled by the honor and responsibility to carry his legacy forward.”

Moore was born in San Francisco on January 3, 1929. According to Intel’s statement, Gordon Moore is survived by his wife Betty, and his two sons Kenneth and Steven, as well as four grandchildren.

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