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Intel reveals DX11 game improvements in latest Arc GPU driver, launches new PresentMon tool

Intel Arc logo

Earlier this week, Intel released a new WHQL driver update for its Arc and Iris Xe GPUs. However, it looks like that release had more under its hood than its release notes indicated.

Today, the company revealed some new information, stating that the new Intel Arc drivers would boost performance in DirectX 11 games with Arc GPUs compared to the drivers that were available for the ARC launch.

Intel stated:

With the release of our latest Intel Arc Game On driver, we’ve boosted performance across a set of incredibly popular and important DX11 games: gamers will see 19% better frame rates on average, and 20% smoother frame delivery on average. If you invested in an Intel Arc A750 graphics card then you can download the driver and start seeing improved experiences in Overwatch 2, DOTA 2, Apex Legends, and more.

intel arc directx 11 performance
intel arc directx 11 performance
intel arc directx 11 performance

Intel also showed off some charts that illustrated the boosts in DX11 game performance with the latest Arc drivers. In some cases, the improvements are much higher, including a 45 percent increase for Blizzard's Overwatch 2, in 1080p and 99th percentile normalized.

Intel also announced the beta launch of a new game performance tool. It's called Intel PresentMon, and it's a version of a tool the company developed for internal use checking graphics performance. It's now been released to the general public.

Intel presentmom

The tool includes a feature that overlays info on your GPU's performance while you are playing a game. Intel says:

This overlay can run while your game is on the screen to show your performance, GPU telemetry like voltage and temperature, and analyze a heap of information, all in real time. Want to see your 99th percentile frame times charted against your GPU utilization just above a chart of memory of utilization? We’ve got you! Maybe you really love histograms (like TAP does!) or maybe you are just tech-curious and want to see how your system is behaving – Intel PresentMon will impress.

The best part is that Intel PresentMon works with any GPU, and also supports DX9/11/12 and Vulkan. It can even be run on a command line. You can download the 0.5 beta version at Intel's PresentMon site.

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