Intel 'undermined' laptop project

Intel repeatedly undermined a not-for profit scheme to bring cheap laptops to children in the developing world, the head of the charity has told BBC News. Nicholas Negroponte accused Intel, which makes a rival PC, of underhand sales tactics and trying to block contracts to buy his machines. The groups united in July 2007 after a series of rows but split last week. The head of Intel Paul Otellini said an accusation that the firm had failed to deliver on promises was "hogwash". "I don't want to get into specifics but we met every obligation that we were committed to," he said.

Professor Negroponte responded: "My version of events is not hogwash. "Why would I throw away the six million dollars they were supposed to give us yesterday? Why would I do all of these things unless I was stark raving mad?" Professor Negroponte said the firm had left after a series of disputes. "They were selling laptops with their brand on it directly to exactly the same people we were talking to. They would go in even after we had signed contracts and try to persuade government officials to scrap their contract and sign a contract with them instead. That's not a partnership."

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