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Intel's driver allegedly leak upcoming Alchemist A-series GPU SKUs plus next-gen "Elasti"

Intel ARC Alchemist photos and renders
Alleged Intel Alchemist reference card | via MLID (YouTube)

Intel posted a couple of Windows DCH graphics drivers recently. The first one was version, which fixes Windows DWM stability issues. The second driver was for its NUC PCs and according to a report from VideoCardz, the driver allegedly reveals the SKU names for Intel's upcoming ARC graphics products.

The driver version is and VideoCardz was informed by a source that it unveils the names of the first-gen Alchemist graphics SKUs, which will purportedly be called the "a-series", that we have learned from an earlier leak.

The leaked a-series Alchemist SKUs are apparently named the following and it seems two of them are desktop parts while the other two are mobile discrete graphics cards.

  • Intel (R) Arc (TM) A380 Graphics Family.

  • Intel (R) Arc (TM) A350 Graphics Family.

  • Intel (R) Arc (TM) A370M Graphics Family.

  • Intel (R) Arc (TM) A350M Graphics Family.

This is also not the only thing to have leaked from this driver. The successor to Intel's DG2 is purportedly called "Elasti" according to leakster Moore's Law Is Dead (MLID) and the name, at least, has seemingly been confirmed by Intel.

First spotted by KOMACHI_ENSAKA (tweet since deleted), the driver contains certain optimizations related to Elasti as can be seen from the image below under "ELASTI_DG". While we aren't confirming it, the "DG" might be indicating that Elasti is indeed a Discrete GPU.

Intel driver leak showing the name of next gen Elasti
via VideoCardz

Information on Elasti is nearly non-existent. MLID says that Elasti is purportedly the codename for the successor to the current DG2 architecture. The latter will be powering the upcoming ARC Alchemist GPUs. This means Elasti might be representing the next-gen Battlemage GPUs and it's great to see Intel already adding optimizations to the architecture.

Next gen Intel Arc graphics families

This also makes sense in the grand scheme of things since the company has already confirmed that it wants a yearly launch cycle for its architectures and is planning to move to the fourth-gen Druid GPUs by 2025.

Source: VideoCardz via MLID (YouTube)

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