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Intel wants to convince Arc is the real deal, shows off 50 games in DX12/Vulkan vs RTX 3060

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Last month, Intel released official benchmark numbers for its Arc A750 Alchemist graphics card comparing it against Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3060. It was a small five-game benchmark sample showing A750 giving better performance than the 3060. With such a small subset, especially considering each game was built on a modern API like DirectX 12, people were quick to raise eyebrows wondering if Arc performance was bad in DirectX 11.

A few independent reviewers have already confirmed that and Intel too in Q&A video (via YouTube) recently stated that it's going to be a work in progress in the case of DX11 in most titles.

The company, however, is convinced that the performance of Arc is more than good enough for most people looking to buy a GPU in 2022-23, and it wants to convince you too. As such, today, Intel has shared new benchmark data for the same Arc 750 against the Nvidia RTX 3060. However, now it has included 10 times the titles compared to last time.

First up, we have the 1080p data, both the average framerates as well as the normalized numbers:

Intel Arc A750 vs RTX 3060 1080p
Intel Arc A750 vs RTX 3060 1080p normalized

Up next, we have the 1440p numbers with two similar charts showing average framerates and normalized:

Intel Arc A750 vs RTX 3060 1440p
Intel Arc A750 vs RTX 3060 1440p normalized

Furthermore, we have titles that use the Vulkan API at both 1080p and 1440p:

Intel Arc A750 vs RTX 3060 Vulkan 1080p and 1440p
Intel Arc A750 vs RTX 3060 Vulkan 1080p and 1440p normalized

Finally, we have a summary of the entire 50 game test which shows Intel doing slightly better than the RTX 3060.

Intel Arc A750 vs RTX 3060 summary across DX12 and Vulkan games

The charts don't include comparisons with AMD's RX 6600 and 6600 XT, which are competing products. But if we take these numbers as correct - even though these are first-party benchmarks -, then both the Arc A750 and the RTX 3060 should slot right in between the RX 6600 and the RX 6600 XT at 1080p. Meanwhile, at 1440p, where the AMD cards do relatively poorly, the A750 should be right up there with the 6600 XT or even the 6650 XT.

Source: Intel

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