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Intel puts up video to clean up Arc confusion, ends up creating some more with wrong specs

Intel Arc Limited Edition

Over the past few weeks, the Intel Arc marketing team has been sharing performance numbers for its Arc A750 graphics card. So far, these numbers have mainly consisted of rasterization and the card is shown to be somewhat comparable to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060. Hence, it is fair to assume that Arc A750 will also be similar to the AMD Radeon RX 6600 and 6600 XT.

Initially, Intel showed a five-game sample comparison but later, it published a 50-game sample covering several titles based on modern DirectX 12 and Vulkan APIs. In terms of ray tracing (DXR) performance, however, the more powerful A770 was pitted against the RTX 3060.

In case you are wondering about the differences in specifications between the various Arc models, Intel today has shared the specs of the Arc desktop GPU line-up. A separate image detailing the specifications of the A750 and A770 Limited Edition cards has also been provided.

Intel Arc desktop GPU SKU specs
Intel Arc A770 and A750 specs

Bizarrely, however, Intel has listed the entry level Arc A380 as featuring 4 GB memory instead of the 6 GB it actually has. You can see Intel's own website lists the SKU as a 6 GB model:

Intel Arc A380 specs according to Intels Ark website

It is unlikely that the A380 model has undergone a memory configuration change, given how the card still features 186 GB/s memory (as you can see in the Arc website image above). For the card to suddenly become a 4 GB SKU, the memory interface must either be decreased or increased to 64-bit or 128-bit width, respectively. Either of these will also consecutively affect the memory bandwidth.

It is kind of funny as two of Intel's top execs talk about the specs of Arc without realizing the error. Ironically, at the start of the video, they even go on to say that the Q&A session was meant to clean up any confusion created by previous videos and messages.

Source: Intel

Update: Intel has now published the corrected the memory capacity specifications for Arc A380. It now shows 6GB VRAM on the table image below:

Intel Arc A380 corrected specs

Additionally, the company has also fixed the memory bandwidth numbers (Gigabytes per second) which were presented with "Gbps" previously instead of "GBps".

A new video has also been put up on YouTube showing the corrected specs.

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