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iPad grabs .04% of global browser market

The browser market is a contentious one. Microsoft has long dominated the space with Internet Explorer, but in recent years Firefox and others have stolen a large chunk of the pie. Apple’s Safari has made attempts to grab some of the desktop space as well with its Windows release, but it is still largely used exclusively by Mac users.

In the mobile space, the story is quite different though. Mobile Safari has dominated the landscape through its inclusion with the iPhone and iPod Touch. The recent release of iPad has only helped solidify its position.

As reported by Engadget, iPhone currently accounts for .51% of the total market, with Android and Blackberry accounting for .07% and .04% respectively. Although the iPad has only been available for 2 weeks, it already commands as much of the web as Blackberry. According to NetApplications, as of April 16th, the iPad stands at a .04% browser market share.

While the iPad has been touted as a media consumption device, these numbers show that many are finding it to be a great way to surf the web. As the iPad goes international and the 3G version sees release, this number can only climb.

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