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JINS MEME is the first pair of smartglasses that won't make people perform a double take

What you see above is the JINS MEME and they could be the first pair of smartglasses that won't have people doing a double take in your direction. If you have never heard of JINS, it's probably because you don't reside in Japan. They are the Warby Parker of Japan and sell affordable and attractive glasses in a range of styles. In 2015, JINS is expanding their line-up of over 1200 styles to include the MEME, which could be the first smart wearable that makes sense.

First and foremost, the JINS MEME looks and feels like a standard pair of glasses. This is expected coming from a company that manufacturers over a thousand styles. The MEME is light, fits the face comfortably, and it doesn't set off any bells that it could indicate it to be something more than an ordinary pair of glasses. The battery (16 hours of battery life), six-axis accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, Bluetooth and microUSB charging port are neatly tucked into the temple tips. Naturally, there is a bit more girth in that area, but it is hardly noticeable when worn. The three-point electrooculography (EOG) sensors is tucked in the bridge of the frame. These sensors track your eye movement in eight directions and also the number of times and intensity of each blink.

The JINS MEME translates all of this data and is capable of accurately monitoring your body and eye movements. JINS representatives state that by monitoring the movements of the head, it is more accurate than using a wrist band or clip-on solution. The sensors can also determine walking patterns, posture, and your level of energy. Naturally, since JINS is a eyewear manufacturer, they have only created a simple application that can measure sleep activity, concentration levels, physical activity. Luckily, JINS has made the SDK available and is urging developers to create applications.

Although it's tough to tell whether the JINS MEME will be successful, it is very clear that JINS is creating a wearable that could offer its users real-world benefits. The JINS MEME will be available in the Autumn of 2015 and will coincide with JINS entry into the U.S. market via online and a flagship store that will be located in San Francisco. The price has not been announced, but JINS states that it will be competitive and shouldn't cost much more than standard pair of glasses.

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