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LG launches Smart Cam, a video camera with built-in dual mics that pairs with LG Smart TVs

LG Smart Cam and LG Smart TV

Today, LG Electronics has announced the release of its latest Smart Cam (model VC23GA). The new addition to the product lineup offers multi-view functionality, seamless integration with LG Smart TVs, and more to users.

LG’s Smart Cam is a full HD video camera with built-in dual microphones that integrates with LG’s webOS-powered (webOS 23 or webOS 22) smart TVs. Additionally, the Smart Cam has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080.

By pairing the camera with LG TV, users can benefit from convenient video calling and conferencing and an elevated home fitness experience since it is compatible with several services available on LG TV’s webOS platform.

The company blog post mentions that with LG Smart Cam, users can connect with clients, co-workers, or family members with the help of the RemoteMeeting capability. RemoteMeeting is a web-based video conferencing service that works across several devices like PCs, laptops, and mobile phones.

The RemoteMeeting functionality also eliminates the need for a laptop or PC connection as users can access the service by simply setting up the RemoteMeeting application.

Exercisng with the LG Smart Cam and LG Smart TV

LG also offers a fitness app on its Smart TVs called Exercite that uses advanced AI motion- and exercise-recognition algorithms to accurately track the user’s body throughout each movement with the Smart Cam. Moreover, it gives real-time feedback to the individual to optimize their performance and avoid poor postures during exercise.

FlexIt is another platform that utilizes the integration of the Smart Cam with LG TVs. It offers users camera-assisted live one-on-one sessions with wellness professionals. Individuals can also get tailored programs and motivation tips. LG further added:

“The duo of Smart Cam and LG TV enables new entertainment options including the new selfie app, Fun Mirror, and the popular dance tutorial app, 1M HomeDance. Fun Mirror brings users a wide array of filters, fun photo effects, and editing options to choose from, while Home Dance by 1M, a collaboration between LG and South Korea’s iconic 1 MILLION Dance Studio, one of K-Pop’s most popular choreography teams, provides a variety of tutorials and dance clips to help users hone their dancing skills.”

The Smart Cam comes with an integrated cover to cover the camera when the device is not in use and has magnetic connectors that allow it to sit firmly on top of TV devices.

The device is currently available in online stores in Korea and the U.S. and will be rolling out to more countries globally.

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