LG Wing leaked video shows primary display swiveling in landscape orientation

LG is all set to launch the Explorer Project on September 14 and has confirmed the Wing to be the first smartphone associated with the new category of devices. It is believed to have two screens arranged in a T-like form factor. While a previous video leak demonstrated a use case in which the secondary screen can be used for playing music in the car while the main display is used for full-screen navigation, it did not offer any glimpse as to how the secondary display flips out into landscape orientation. Another leaked video showcases the same.

The South Korean video shows that it is the main screen that actually swivels in landscape orientation, and not the secondary screen as was being guessed. In the video, the primary screen swivels into action to become a wider notification area.

While all the actual use cases of this intriguing form-factor are anyone's guess, a few are pretty clear. The two screens will work in tandem to either run two different apps altogether, or show additional information from the app running on the main screen onto the secondary screen - like keyboard when typing, or game controls when playing. Whether existing apps will already work in the expected manner, or if a tweak would be required, is unclear at the moment.

The phone is expected to be powered by a 7-series Snapdragon processor and priced upwards of $1000. No other specifications are known. A lot of questions remain unanswered, the least of which pertain to the durability of the rotating mechanism.

Image via ETNews

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