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Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha v1.3 heads close to release, and more from this week

SimTom112 via Microsoft

A couple of days back, Microsoft unveiled the system requirements for its upcoming Flight Simulator title. The revealed requirements were quite detailed, split into several different sections for AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.

In the past few weeks in general, however, the world of the Microsoft Flight Simulator team has been heavily centered around Alpha releases. Earlier this month, build 1.2.5 was released, and since then, there has been a flurry of updates for a selected subset of the Flight Simulator community. Last week, version 1.2.10 came out, soon to be followed by 1.2.12 - which should be available to Alpha users quite soon.

This week, the centerpiece is yet again an Alpha update, namely version 1.3.X.X, though there is some news regarding other components of the game as well.

For starters, an updated Feedback Snapshot has been pushed out to Insiders. Notably, a secondary version of Feedback Snapshot v3.01 was unveiled to the general public a couple of weeks back, slightly deviating from Microsoft's regular releases for these. If all goes according to the usual release schedule, the latest Snapshot should be made generally available in two weeks time.

With regards to Alpha build 1.3.X.X, this is expected to arrive within the same timeframe as well. Currently in the final testing phase, this version will be introducing new content in the form of the Boeing 747 for community testing. However, the detailed build notes will be posted upon its actual release. The Flight Simulator team has also ensured anticipating fans that more invites to the Alpha program will be sent out when this build becomes available.

Finally, other deliverables including the Partnership Series update and the Feature Discovery Series episode 8 have been further delayed. Previously, the former was supposed to be announced around last week, while the latter was supposed to make its way to users in early May. As of now, the stated release for both of these is simply "May", so it could be a few weeks until they are actually pushed out. Either way, stay tuned for more Flight Simulator news next week.

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