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Microsoft is working on improved notifications for PowerToys

A custom PowerToys logo with a frosted glass background

In addition to working on new modules and implementing significant improvements with new features in existing ones, Microsoft is busy with smaller changes for its set of advanced utilities for Windows 10 and 11. A future update will make it easier to install available PowerToys updates and allow toggling off update notifications.

PowerToys is a frequently updated app, which may not sit well with everyone. Some users are reluctant to install updates, while others want to reduce distractions by turning off non-essential notifications. Soon, PowerToys will let you do that, thanks to a new toggle on the "General" tab.

A pull request on GitHub suggests implementing the "Show notification for new updates" toggle, allowing users to turn off or on messages about new releases (IT admins will be able to enforce notification policies). Microsoft might also add a tray indicator to let customers know about a new version in a less distracting way.

PowerToys Update settings

An in-app update notification will soon work better with another suggested change. The current PowerToys release has an "Update available" banner with no apparent install button, making it less obvious for inexperienced customers how to get to the latest version. A future PowerToys update will implement a proper install button on the Dashboard page and in the flyout. Besides, the latter will switch its update notification from green (this color usually indicates completed actions) to blue (information) for better visual clues.

PowerToys Update settings

The updated update notifications may land in PowerToys version 0.78. The upcoming release, version 0.77, will introduce a new module for PowerShell users and a host of changes for existing utilities, such as Peek, PowerToys Run, etc.

You can download PowerToys from the Microsoft Store, GitHub, or winget. The app is available for free on Windows 10 and 11. It is open source, so everyone is welcome to contribute to PowerToys' development.

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