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Microsoft offers guidance to organizations for moving to the new Outlook for Windows

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Microsoft made the new Outlook for Windows generally available for individuals in September 2023. However, businesses and organizations are still using the new app via an opt-in public preview. Today, Microsoft offered up some guidance to companies and groups for when they should prepare for when the new Outlook app enters into general availability.

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In a new blog post, Microsoft said that right now, businesses and organizations who are using the classic Outlook for Windows app can still opt-in to try the new Outlook app. They can also use the app's toggle to switch between the classic and new Outlook apps.

The blog post also stated:

In this stage, we will maintain the ability for users to run both classic and new Outlook side by side, allowing them to compare their experiences while working seamlessly across both products. Feedback is a critical part of this stage. Each time a user toggles back to classic Outlook, they are asked to provide feedback on their experience.

The new Outlook for Windows is close to reaching the general availability stage for businesses, according to the blog. There's no specific date for reaching that milestone but when it happens, Microsoft will still be adding features to the new Outlook app. Businesses who want to use the new app can expect it to be fully supported, but there will also be organizations who will want to wait until some features are added to the app.

At some point, Microsoft will move on from "opt-in" to "opt-out" for the new Outlook Windows app. That means the new Outlook will be the default version, and organizations will have to toggle back to the classic version if they still want it. Microsoft plans to give at least 12 months notice before it moves to that stage.

Getting rid of the option to switch back to the old Outlook app will be the next stage of development. This "cutover stage" means that Microsoft will use the new Outlook app for new installments for businesses. Again, Microsoft will give businesses at least 12 months to prepare for that stage. Organizations who want to keep using the classic Outlook Windows app can do so, as Microsoft does not plan on cutting off support of that app until at least 2029.

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