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Microsoft releases its blueprint on how it believes AI should be governed

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Microsoft has been putting a lot of its eggs into the AI basket over the last few months. That includes the launch of the Bing Chat AI chatbot, among other services. At Build 2023 this week, the company revealed even more upcoming AI features, including Windows Copilot.

However, many people fear the rise of AI services. Some believe it will take away jobs from humans and others believe that AI could be used for hostile intent by individuals, groups, and even nations. Today, Microsoft announced it has created a new report called Governing AI: A Blueprint for the Future that has its own proposals on how companies and governments should keep AI in check.

Microsoft ai blueprint

Microsoft President Brad Smith wrote the forward for the report, which summarizes its goals. It has five specific points that Microsoft believes should be done to make AI safer and more accessible to the public.

Implement and build upon new government-led AI safety frameworks: Smith says these frameworks are already proposed by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Require effective safety brakes for AI systems that control critical infrastructure: Smith says, "These fail-safe systems would be part of a comprehensive approach to system safety that would keep effective human oversight, resilience, and robustness top of mind."

Develop a broad legal and regulatory framework based on the technology architecture for AI: Smith says new laws and regulations, built on existing laws, will be needed to govern AI, including a new government agency to regulate artificial intelligence.

Promote transparency and ensure academic and nonprofit access to AI: Smith says Microsoft will release an annual report on its transparency efforts for AI, and that new efforts must be made to expand AI research to academic and non-profit groups.

Pursue new public-private partnerships to use AI as an effective tool to address the inevitable societal challenges that come with new technology: Smith stated: "Important work is needed now to use AI to protect democracy and fundamental rights, provide broad access to the AI skills that will promote inclusive growth, and use the power of AI to advance the planet’s sustainability needs."

You can check out the entire report in PDF format on Microsoft's site.

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