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Microsoft reveals more about its Windows 365 GPU-enabled Cloud PC public preview

Windows 365

Earlier today at its Ignite 2023 developers conference, Microsoft announced it will start offering access to Windows 11 cloud-based PCs with dedicated GPUs. Now a new blog post has revealed more information on these new GPU-based Cloud PCs for Windows 365 users.

The blog post states who might want to use these new GPU-based Cloud PCs:

For graphic designers, video editors, 3D modelers, data analysts, or visualization specialists, Windows 365 now offers the GPU acceleration you need to be productive on the device of your choice and from wherever you work.

Windows 365 keeps you up to date with the best available hardware in Microsoft Azure, decreasing the need to manage hardware lifecycles. Supported by NVIDIA and AMD, GPU-enabled Cloud PCs are intended to support customers with workloads that include graphic design, image and video rendering, 3D modelling, data processing and visualization applications that require a GPU to perform.

The public preview version offers three specific hardware tiers for the new GPU Cloud PCs:

  • Windows 365 Enterprise GPU 4 vCPU, 16 GB RAM, 4 GB vRAM, 512 GB
  • Windows 365 Enterprise GPU 8 vCPU, 56 GB, 12 GB vRAM, 1TB
  • Windows 365 Enterprise GPU 16 vCPU, 110 GB, 16 GB vRAM, 1TB

Users will be able to see the specifications of their GPU Cloud PC via the performance tab on Task Manager.

Microsoft also has an FAQ on the blog post to answer some common questions about these new GPU Cloud PCs. Microsoft says they should not be used for game development. They should also not be used for tasks like developing artificial intelligence apps, along with high-performance compute and machine learning tasks.

There is currently a waitlist for the new GPU Cloud PC public preview, but if you are interested in joining you can do so at Microsoft's website. There's no word on when these new Cloud PCs will become generally available.

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