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Microsoft To Do widgets for iOS 14 are now rolling out

Microsoft announced today that To Do widgets for iOS 14 are live, giving you quick access to your tasks right from your home screen. There are three new types of widgets for To Do that are meant to let you manage your tasks.

First is the 'Your Tasks' widget, where you can see tasks you created in a specific list. There are two sizes for this widget, medium and large. The medium widget displays only a list of tasks while the large one lets you view key details of each task such as the due dates. You'll see the Tasks list by default in this type of widget, although you can change that by long pressing on the widget and tapping the edit option.

The next widget is called 'My Day', which shows the first task on your My Day list. You can view the other tasks as well by tapping anywhere on the widget to launch the app. It should be noted that the My Day widget comes in a smaller size and displays only one task at a time.

Finally, the Add Task widget lets you create tasks and add them to any list directly from your home screen. You can simply tap anywhere on the widget and the app launches so you can then add a task. You can also choose the desired list where your new tasks are added to by long-pressing the widget and tapping the edit option.

That said, if you'd like to view your tasks in a single place, Microsoft suggests creating a stack comprising multiple To Do widgets. Additionally, you can combine To Do widgets with other widgets such as those of Outlook, for example.

Widget is a new capability that launched as part of iOS 14 in June of last year. However, To Do's adoption of the feature comes a tad late compared to other third-party task management apps that already added support for widgets on iOS 14 such as Todoist and GoodTask.

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