Microsoft updates Movies & TV app for latest Windows 10 Mobile preview

Microsoft released the latest Insider Preview, build 10512, of Windows 10 Mobile yesterday - but as you'd expect of pre-launch software, it comes with its share of known issues. Among them, there's no mobile hotspot support, some phones still get 'Loading...' when trying to bring up the Start screen, and the Movies & TV app that ships with the build doesn't work properly.

Expect such issues to be fixed in future builds - but one of these problems has in fact already been resolved. Microsoft has updated its Movies & TV app, fixing the bug that was previously forcing the app to crash every time a video was played. As WMPU reports, both streaming and local video playback now function as they should.

The other issues in build 10512 will likely have to wait until the next Windows 10 Mobile flight arrives. It's not clear when the next build will roll out, but we do know that it's expected to include improvements to Microsoft's new Edge browser.

Download: Movies & TV (Windows Store)
Source: WMPU

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