Microsoft's Back to School promotion shows no love for the Surface Pro 3

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It's hard to believe that we are already entering into the back to school season, but Microsoft has already started announcing its promotions to get consumers into its retail stores ahead of the shopping season. The deal, shown above, requires you to sign up for Office 365 (University, Home, or Personal) which will cost you $79.95 for four years of access to the productivity suite. If you go the cheapest route which is University; the offer is only good on a new PC over $599.

Sadly, this offer is not available on any of Microsoft's Surface tablets, which is a bit disheartening as the Pro 3 is a great device for the education sector. But sadly, you will have to look elsewhere if you are on the hunt for a lower priced Surface device. Further, the deal is only good on some laptops, like the Dell XPS 13 and Acer V5 laptop, which means that there is a finite number of machines that qualify for the offer, and they could run out soon.

The offer does say that there is a "wide range" to select from, so the two laptops mentioned above are likely a couple of the ones that are part of this deal.

The promotion runs until September 21st and is a good deal for anyone who is in need of a laptop. Considering that anyone who buys a laptop will need Office, by bundling the two together, you can save $150 off your new laptop.

Source: Microsoft Via: Winbeta

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