Microsoft's new Windows Phone ad touts Lumia 1020, continues fight against Apple, Samsung

Microsoft's made no secret of its desire to market itself against Apple and Samsung's popular mobile products, and its latest advertisement, which touts the Nokia Lumia 1020, continues the company's battle against the iPhone and Galaxy smartphones.

The new commercial, which is scheduled to air during MTV's Music Video Awards on Sunday, serves as a continuation of Microsoft's wedding fight commercial that featured iPhone and Galaxy smartphone owners battling over which product was better. The Lumia 1020 commercial, set at a children's play as parents watch, features many of the same actors from the wedding fight commercial, which promoted the Lumia 920.

As with the previous commercial, the new advertisement shows iPhone and Galaxy owners trying to get the best camera shots before physical fights break out. The commercial eventually cuts to a woman who asks her husband why they aren't fighting to get closer to take a picture, with the husband responding that they don't need to with the Lumia 1020's 41-megapixel camera and zoom.

Microsoft's advertising efforts for its Windows Phone and Windows mobile devices have increasingly focused on promoting their capabilities that differentiate them from the leading competition, including a recent commercial that showed how a touchscreen Windows 8 device can multitask better than an iPad.

Source: Microsoft (YouTube)

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