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More news on Microsoft Flight Simulator Partnership Series and next Alpha release arrives

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In the past few weeks, news regarding upcoming Alpha builds has primarily been the focus of weekly updates pushed out by the Microsoft Flight Simulator team. Other deliverables, such as the Partnership Series and the Feature Discovery Series had been more or less sidelined as a result.

Now, however, concrete release dates have finally been attached to some of these, giving fans of the title a better idea of what to expect with next week's news update.

For starters, an updated development roadmap will be making its way to the next edition of the weekly release series. The previous iteration was unveiled over a month ago in the Insider Area, while the last generally released version can be traced even further back to February. The breaks in between could have to do with the fact that the novel coronavirus pandemic has hampered release schedules globally, and the Flight Simulator team has indicated as much.

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Moving on, there is finally more to report on with regards to the Partnership Series, with Microsoft's confirmation that three additional firms that are collaborating with the Flight Simulator team will be unveiled in the following weeks. These include NAVBLUE, meteoblue, and FlightAware. Each will be granted a separate 'Spotlight', more on which will be revealed with next week's update, alongside news regarding the SDK update.

Wrapping up this Flight Simulator weekly update is a further narrowed down release window for the upcoming Alpha build 1.3.X.X, with confirmation that it is planned to be made available within the next 7-10 days. A final pass is being performed to ensure that all Alpha participants have access to the currently available build, while more invitations will be sent out once the aforementioned version is released.

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