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Netflix claims it accidentally published controversial password-sharing rules in the U.S.

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A few hours ago, there was a massive uproar (at least on social media) following reports that Netflix would restrict passwords-sharing by forcing subscribers to sign in to their home network at least once a month. Snippets from Netflix' policy as seen on its U.S. website can be seen below:

Following major backlash from consumers, Netflix has now reverted the change on its U.S. website and also issued a statement claiming that the new rules were published for U.S. customers by accident. A Netflix spokesperson told The Streamable that:

For a brief time yesterday, a help center article containing information that is only applicable to Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, went live in other countries. We have since updated it.

Although Netflix says that this was an accident, seeing that the new regulations are applicable to some countries already, it does seem like the company backtracked on their rollout primarily due to the backlash it received.

Regardless, Netflix' intentions to curb password-sharing aren't exactly unknown. Since 2021, the firm has been exploring the "right model" to monetize this activity, and one possibility includes charging an additional fee to enable it. It remains to be seen when its restrictions against password-sharing will officially kick in and if the public will respond favorably to them.

Via: The Streamable

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