Never Settle: OnePlus won't pay for an IP rating for its 7 series devices

On May 14, OnePlus will unveil its next smartphones, so it comes as no surprise that the firm has been slowly revealing little tidbits of information about the device leading up to its release. It's latest video shows a phone being dropped in a bucket filled with liquid, hinting that the OnePlus 7 series will offer some kind of water resistance. While this might be the case, unfortunately, it won't be certified, as OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has seized the opportunity to clarify why it doesn't have its phones certified with an IP rating.

According to Pei, OnePlus has seen the feedback with regards to an IP rating and while it does plenty of tests to ensure the durability of its phones against the elements, it won't have a rating for its upcoming OnePlus 7 series. The video explains that water resistance ratings cost money and that cost would eventually be pushed to the consumer. So rather than give its consumers a rating, it just shows that its phone can withstand a drop in a bucket of water.

However, towards the end of the video, there's a warning, letting you know that OnePlus "makes no guarantees regarding liquid/water resistance" and that water/liquid damage isn't covered under its warranty. Pei highlights this detail stating that "we certainly don’t want all of you to try to drop your OnePlus 7 Pro in a bucket." So while the firm is confident in its "water-resistant quality", it doesn't want you trying it out. Pei doesn't rule out that one day it may consider obtaining an IP rating for its products.

OnePlus will hold events in New York, London, Beijing, and Bengaluru on May 14 where it will show off its OnePlus 7 series in full, embracing its motto to "Never Settle".

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