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New G-Form sleeve shown to protect MacBook from balcony drop

If you're not familiar with G-Form protective sleeves for iDevices, check out this post where a 12 lb bowling ball was thrown at an iPad wearing a G-Form protective sleeve. Now they have come up with a sleeve for the MacBook Pro, and demonstrated its effectiveness by chucking it off a balcony, reports 9TO5Mac.

Granted, the MacBook was dropped horizontally and landed flat as well, it would be interesting to see how the sleeves perform when landing in different ways, such as the full weight on a corner, which is possibly a real life scenario for some!

The video, which stars Tom Cafaro, shows off the the MacBook Pro G-Form Extreme Sleeve for Laptops, which is available in 11, 13 and 15-inch varieties.

The computer landed flat and survived, thanks to Poron Xrd, a marketing name for a custom material used inside the sleeve’s outer shell that absorbs the force upon impact. The MacBook Pro G-Form Extreme Sleeve for Laptops is available in black and yellow. It will costs $69.95 for the 11-inch model or ten bucks more for both 13- and 15-inch models.

Thanks to 9TO5Mac for the tip.

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