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New indie gaming service gives unlimited access for $10 a month

With gaming becoming ever more expensive, and over 4000 games that launched on Steam last year, it's no wonder that publishers and game developers alike have been looking for alternative methods to get their games out there, and in turn, make more revenue. Microsoft recently revealed its Xbox Game Pass service that offers gamers a revolving library of around 100 games at $10 a month and included both big AAA titles and indie games for the Xbox platform.

The latest such service is 'Jump', which gives gamers access to a vast library of games from independent developers, targeting those who might enjoy these less high-profile titles, but who may be unable to afford the cost of buying them all individually. The service opens the door for small developers to get massive exposure amongst subscribers, and then use that to promote future projects.

Developers will also get a clearly defined cut in revenues. Jump will distribute 70% of all subscription revenue to developers based on time spent in-game.

Games included in the service span from small desktop games to full VR experiences. The initial catalog will contain around 60 games and will expand by at least ten titles every month. These titles will be curated according to the company's Chief Anthony Palma. The project is in beta stage until July 24, and gamers who might feel drawn to such a service can join for a 14-day free trial on Jump's website.

Games on the service will essentially run within a desktop client like the former OnLive service, and will only download the files it needs 'on the fly'. This will give gamers the chance to experience some interesting titles without having to spend time waiting for the download to finish, which is always a good thing.

Source: Engadget | Image via Jump (Twitter)

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