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NVIDIA announces cloud-based GeForce Experience

NVIDIA wants to make it easy for PC gamers to have the best possible hardware settings and resolutions for their games. That's the goal of the company's newly revealed software tool, the GeForce Experience. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang first announced the project as part of the event on Saturday night that also revealed the company's plans to sell the GeForce GTX 690 graphics card.

Huang said that GeForce Experience has been a five year project at NVIDIA. He stated that the company has a data center with a supercomputer inside that has loaded up settings for tons of different processors, motherboards, memory, drivers and GPUs. It also has a massive number of games in its database.

Huang said that users will be able to download a software client for their PC and use it to run any game. Using a cloud-based connection, NVIDIA will scan their hardware and their game and then connect to their GeForce Experience database to find the optimal hardware settings and resolutions for their game. Presumably this will only work if you have an NVIDIA GPU inside your PC.

The GeForce Experience is expected to go into beta testing on June 6. There's no word if NVIDIA plans to charge for this cloud service.

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