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OnePlus 5 is crashing and rebooting for some users when they dial 911 [Update]

A troubling issue with the OnePlus 5 is causing the device to crash and reboot if the user makes a 911 call.

The cause of this problem remains uncertain for now, but a number of perplexed OnePlus 5 owners are speculating on Reddit that it might be due to the phone’s GPS, which is used to determine the dialer’s location. If correct, this could mean that the problem is not limited to just 911, but any emergency line that utilizes the GPS feature. Redditor Nick Morrelli was able to arrange a test call with 911 and recorded a video of the defect in action.

However, there are still a large number of users on Reddit who claim to have faced no issues while dialing 911 or their local emergency numbers. If there is a bug, it seems to be occurring only in certain conditions. For OnePlus 5 owners, it’s perhaps best to request a test call with 911 in advance, before a real emergency arises.

The OnePlus 5 launched with great hype but was soon discovered to be suffering from quite a few problems. OnePlus inverted the display of the phone, causing the device to exhibit some certain “natural” effects. Even the phone’s audio channels appear to be inverted, as the phone fails to properly factor in its orientation while recording videos.

Since its launch, the phone has received several software updates – the last one released just two weeks ago, optimizing the overall experience and fixing several bugs.

OnePlus hasn’t made a statement regarding the bug yet, but even if it affects only a small number of users – it can be potentially life-threatening. Hopefully, the company will be quick to release a patch which fixes the bug, before an affected user finds themselves in a troubling situation.

Update: In a statement to The Next Web, OnePlus has asked customers to contact the company if they are experiencing similar issues:

We have contacted the customer and are currently looking into the issue. We ask anyone experiencing a similar situation to contact us at support@oneplus.net.

Source: Reddit (1) (2) via The Next Web

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