PlayStation 3 may have been jailbroken again

Reports appearing on the Internet point to a possible second jailbreak having been discovered for Sony's PlayStation 3 games console. The hack, known as 'JB2', shares similarities with the older jailbreak that made appearances on the Internet. The hack seems to run from a USB dongle, like with the original jailbreak, where the console's security is compromised by the USB upon boot-up.

The booting period in video footage of JB2 seems to show a longer boot time than normal for a PlayStation 3, before the XMB appears on-screen. The options available seem to suggest developer-build features have been enabled on the console in question. These features would allow the console to run unsigned code as well as access other features. The jailbreak is identified as version 3.55, which pre-dates the additional counter-piracy settings added in version 3.60. However, the YouTube video claims that the console can play games requiring version 3.73. The older games can be played from the hard-drive, but newer releases are shown to operate from a burned Blu-Ray disc.

Sources suggest that the dongle is going through some testing with Indonesian PS3 owners, and that a small number of games are currently available to use. These games include PES 2012, Driver: San Francisco, FIFA 12, and the God of War Collection: Volume II. There is a chance that the jailbreak means staying offline with the console, due to the firmware version being identified as 3.55, though if it is usable online gamers who are prepared to void their console's warranty will likely be able to cheat the game, much like what occurred before version 3.55 was released.

It is still up in the air whether JB2 is an actual hack or if it is a fabricated video. Unfortunately, Euro Gamer's sources suggest that it may not be a fake, in which case Sony could be in line for more condemnation from gamers. Neowin user Ironman273 can claim credit for the scoop, having posted it over on the forums. The video can be watched below:


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