PowerToys 0.69 is out with the new Registry Preview utility, and a bunch of fixes

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It is update time for those using PowerToys on Windows 10 and 11. Version 0.69.0 is now available for download with numerous fixes, improvements, and a new utility. Registry Preview lets you preview and edit registry files without having to use applications like Notepad.

There's also a good number of fixes included in this release too which are included below.

Here are the highlights of the update:


  • New utility: Registry Preview is a utility to visualize and edit Windows Registry files. Thanks @randyrants!

  • Support per-user scope installation.

  • Awake: Quality-of-life improvements and introduced keeping system awake until expiration time and date. Thanks @dend!

  • PowerToys Run: Fix crashing issue caused by thumbnail image loading.

An early screenshot of the PowerToys Registry Preview tool

And here is your in-depth changelog with improvements and changes for the existing toys:


  • New utility: Registry Preview. Thanks @randyrants!

  • Fix issue causing folders to not be removed on uninstall.

  • Support per-user scope installation.

    • Companies can control this using the new GPO.


  • Quality-of-life improvements and introduced keeping system awake until expiration time and date. Thanks @dend!

Color Picker

  • Fix issue sampling timing and grid issue causing Color Picker to sample the color of its own grid. Thanks @IHorvalds!


  • Fix window cycling on multiple monitors issue.

File Locksmith

Mouse Utils

  • Mouse Jump - Simulate mouse input event on mouse jump in addition to cursor move.

  • Mouse Jump - Improve performance of screenshot generation. Thanks @mikeclayton!

Paste as Plain Text

  • Support Ctrl+V as activation shortcut. (This was a hotfix for 0.67)

  • Repress modifier keys after plain paste. (This was a hotfix for 0.67) Thanks @UnderKoen!

  • Set default shortcut to Ctrl+Win+Alt+V. (This was a hotfix for 0.67)

  • Update icons. Thanks @niels9001!


  • Show PowerRename in directory background context menu.

  • Fix the crash on clicking Select/UnselectAll checkbox while showing only files to be renamed.

  • Improve performance on populating Renamed items when many items are being renamed.

PowerToys Run

  • Add setting to disable thumbnails generation for files. (This was a hotfix for 0.67)

  • Calculator plugin - handle implied multiplication expressions. Thanks @jjavierdguezas!

  • Fix Calculator plugin unit tests to respect decimal separator locale. Thanks @davidegiacometti!

  • Fix crashing caused by thumbnail image loading.

  • Date & Time plugin - Add filename-compatible date & time format. Thanks @Picazsoo!

  • Improved the error message shown on plugin loading error. Thanks @htcfreek!

Quick Accent

  • Fix existing and add missing Hebrew and Pinyin characters. Thanks @stevenlele!

Registry Preview

  • Added a new utility: Registry Preview.

  • Thanks @htcfreek! for the help shipping this utility!

  • Thanks @niels9001 for the help on the UI!

Video Conference Mute

  • Add toolbar DPI scaling support.

  • Fix selecting overlay image when Settings app is running elevated.

  • Add push-to-talk (and push-to-reverse) feature. Thanks @pajawojciech!


  • Fix Experiment bitmap icon rendering on theme change and bump CommunityToolkit.Labs.WinUI.SettingsControls package version. Thanks @niels9001!

  • Video Conference Mute page improvements. Thanks @Jay-o-Way!

  • Add warning that PowerToys Run might get no focus if "Use centralized keyboard hook" settings is enabled. Thanks @Aaron-Junker!

  • Fix ShortcutControl issues related to keyboard input focus, theme change and missing error badge when invalid key is pressed. Thanks @htcfreek!

  • Add warning when Ctrl+V and Ctrl+Shift+V is used as an activation shortcut for Paste as Plain Text. Thanks @htcfreek!


  • Update CONTRIBUTING.md with information about localization issues. Thanks @Aaron-Junker!

  • Remove localization from URLs. Thanks @Jay-o-Way!

  • Add dev docs for tools. Thanks @Aaron-Junker!


  • Ignore spellcheck for MouseJumpUI/MainForm.resx file. (This was a hotfix for 0.67)

  • Optimize versionAndSignCheck.ps1 script. Thanks @snickler!

  • Upgraded NetAnalyzers to 7.0.1. Thanks @davidegiacometti!

  • Move all DLL imports in Settings project to NativeMethods.cs file.

  • Fix FancyZones tools build issues. Thanks @Aaron-Junker!

  • Centralize Logger used in C# projects. Thanks @Aaron-Junker!

  • Add missing project references. Thanks @ACGNnsj!

You can download PowerToys from the Microsoft Store, winget, or its repository on GitHub.

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