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Producing the Midnight Black OnePlus 3T results in roughly 60% of the batch being discarded

Just this week, OnePlus announced the 3T in Midnight Black. While it might seem like a very basic option, apparently the team had a tough time bringing the color to the masses. A new video has been posted that describes the process.

When OnePlus started its business and offered its first mobile handset, it was praised for its unique exterior and texture. Sandstone Black became a defining part of the firm's branding. But looking to its community, it saw that many of its users wanted a phone built using aluminum.

Although it would be tough for the company to move away from Sandstone Black, the prototype OnePlus 3 would arrive with a metal exterior in black. Unfortunately, producing this color in mass seemed to create problems and would force the firm to release the '3' in two alternate colors; Graphite and Soft Gold. While the world had never known, until now, OnePlus would continue working on the Midnight Black color for over a year.

But, as we know, the perseverance has paid off with OnePlus releasing the highly limited Colette edition and later, the Midnight Black version of the 3T. Not only is it striking, but it also is designed to resist smudges and fingerprints that often plague darker metal chassis. Furthermore, it is stated that producing the 3T in Midnight Black usually results in roughly 60% of the batch being discarded, due to it not passing quality control checks.

While 250 handsets were offered through HypeBeast, it is currently sold out. OnePlus will offer the limited edition handset through its own website, but it has not specified when it will go on sale.

Source: OnePlus (YouTube) via Android Authority

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