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Rare finally details Sea of Thieves' quest and progression systems

It has been years since Sea of Thieves was officially announced, promising an open-world game where players get to sail the seas as pirates. However, the question of what exactly do you do in the game, other than fighting other players, has been frequently asked. Today, Rare answered with a video explaining the game's progression system, quests, and more.

The game will be a host to three major factions (Trading Companies) that players can take quests from, known as Voyages in the game. The three companies look to offer wildly different types of quests.

The Gold Hunters focus on buried treasure hunts, giving players maps and riddles to follow. The Order of Souls deals with Voyages that order players to go and hunt skeleton bosses, that may spawn in their own ships or in a fort. Meanwhile The Merchants Alliance, as evident by its name, focuses on trading, with players being given goods such as animals and gunpowder to drop off at another location before the given time period expires.

As players complete Voyages by these companies, they will offer new adventures with better rewards, but on the flip side, they will be much more challenging. Moreover, Voyages won't be gated by player level, meaning that if a veteran player has a Voyage that is highly dangerous, they can still complete it with a completely new player who is a part of their crew.

With all the gold that players can amass by completing these Voyages, they will be able to purchase customization items such as clothing, beards, and hairstyles, as well as peg legs and hooks for those who don't mind missing limbs as long as they look good. Equipment is also purchasable, from different guns to gold-plated compasses, and more.

Keep in mind that all these Voyages occur in a world where other pirate crews also roam the seas, seeking to plunder everything in their path. Be sure to give Rare's official video a look through for the finer details regarding these gameplay aspects.

Sea of Thieves is heading for Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One consoles on March 20, 2018, and is available for pre-order now via the Microsoft Store for $59.99. The game is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, giving everyone who purchases a digital copy and access to both platforms.

Source: Sea of Thieves (YouTube)

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