Razer introduces new $40 Viper Mini mouse weighing just 61g

Today, Razer introduced the Razer Viper Mini gaming mouse, a smaller and cheaper version of the Razer Viper that was introduced last August. Despite being significantly more affordable, though, the Viper Mini still comes with some interesting features passed down from the larger model, including the company's optical mouse switches, which means clicks actuate using an infrared light beam. Since they don't require physical contact, these switches are more precise and less likely to register accidental double-clicks.

Another notable feature of the Viper Mini is, of course, the weight, which is now just 61 grams, down from the 69 grams of the original Viper. It also still sports Razer's Speedflex cable, so moving the mouse should be fairly easy. Razer says the mouse also features an ambidextrous design, but really, the side buttons are only on the left side, prompting you to use them with the right-hand thumb.

There are, of course, some sacrifices to be made with the Viper Mini, though. The 8,500 DPI is nearly half of the 16.000 DPI on the original Viper, and acceleration only goes up to 35G instead of 50G. There are also only 6 customizable buttons instead of 8, owing to the fact that the side buttons on the right were removed.

It does, however, still support Razer Chroma lighting, customizable via Synapse 3, and it also has an on-board memory profile so your configuration can be stored on the mouse itself. The Razer Viper Mini can be had for $39.99/€49.99 and it's available right now.

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