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RDNA 2 goes PRO, everything you need to know about the Radeon PRO W6000 series

When AMD put out a teaser on Twitter a few days back with the caption "Something BIG is coming. June 8 2021.", we wondered what that might be, although we had a pretty good idea since it was coming from the company's Radeon PRO handle. Anyway, the wait is over as today is June 8th and Team Red has taken the wraps off its newest workstation-grade GPU lineup, the Radeon PRO W6000 series.

The AMD Radeon PRO W6800

Similar to its gamer lineup of products, the Radeon PRO W6000 cards are also based on the RDNA 2 architecture. The W6000 series succeeds the W5000 series of GPUs launched two years ago. There are two models for the desktop, the flagship W6800 and its smaller sibling, the W6600, and one for mobile workstations called the W6600M. The full lineup alongside their detailed specifications is listed below:

Radeon PRO W6800 Radeon PRO W6600 Radeon PRO W6600M
Size Double Slot,
10.5” (267mm) long
Single Slot,
9.5” (241mm) long
Compute Units/
Ray Accelerators
60 28 28
Infinity Cache 128MB 32MB 32MB
TFLOPS (FP32) 17.83 10.4 10.4
Memory Capacity 32GB GDDR6 8GB GDDR6 8GB GDDR6
Memory Bandwidth 512GB/s 224GB/s 224GB/s
ECC support Yes No No
OS Support Windows 10/
Windows 10/
Windows 10/
Display Connections

6x 3840x2160 (4K)
6x 5120x2880 (5K)
2x 7680x4320 (8K)

HDR @60Hz

4x 3840x2160 (4K)
4x 5120x2880 (5K)
1x 7680x4320 (8K)

HDR @60Hz

(Specific to Laptop Implementation.
GPU Supports up to 5x Displays)

Power Consumption Up to 250W Up to 100W TGP: 65-90W
Power Connectors 6-pin + 8-pin 6-pin ---

AMD has also provided some performance charts in various professional applications for the Radeon PRO W6000 series. Overall, there seems to be a decent jump but that is expected since there is a 50% increase in Compute Units count over last-gen. The benchmark images are provided below (click on them to enlarge):


AMD says that the W6800 is available today but since it is an enterprise-grade product, there is a hefty premium. The Radeon PRO W6800 is priced at US$2,249, while the W6600 comes in at a much more affordable US$649. It will be available in Q3 this year. The mobile W6600M AMD says will be inside the HP Fury ZBook G8 by July. You can find the official press release here.

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