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Resident Evil 5 on Steam finally puts back local split screen co-op mode with new patch

Resident Evil 5 is not considered to be quite as good as some of the other entries in Capcom's survival horror action game series. However, it still got some solid reviews when it was first released in 2009 for the PC and other platforms. This week, Capcom updated the Steam version of the game for the first time in over six years, adding a feature that was disabled and removing the client for an online service that was shut down long ago.

That service was Microsoft's ill-fated Games For Windows Live, which shut down in 2014 as it failed to be a competitor to Valve's Steam service. Resident Evil 5, however, forced gamers to download the Games for Windows Live client even after its Steam launch. This was because Capcom wanted anyone who played the game on Microsoft's service to keep their saved game data and achievements and use them on the Steam edition.

Well, it's been a while, but now with this unexpected Steam patch after several years, the Games for Windows Live client program has finally been ditched. Presumably, Capcom waited long enough for the few GFWL players to switch over their data to Steam. Along with this removal, the game has now reinstated the ability for PC players to engage in local split-screen co-op gaming. The release notes also say there have been some other bug fixes made in the patch, but details were not announced.

Capcom is getting ready to release the remake of Resident Evil 4 for the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms on March 24, with plans for a demo to be released as well.

Source: Steam via PC Gamer

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